“My six-year-old daughter attended REAL Field Hockey Camp this yearand had an amazing time. Not only did she get to know and enjoya terrific sport, but she made new friends, both older and younger,and was coached by an excellent staff. She came home every day fromfield hockey saying how much fun she had and can’t wait ’till next year!A hearty thanks to Vicky Caburian for doing a fantastic job and givingthose girls a healthy attitude toward sports and life.” – K.S.

“My daughter went to REAL Field Hockey camp  (she was one of the youngest 4 turning 5).  She had a real camp experience for just one week and also learned the technicalities of field hockey.  We live in Newton, and there is nothing like this where we live.  We are so happy to be part of a fun, inclusive, camp.  The coaches are fantastic and Vicky does a great job with everything !!  I recommend it highly to any girls who want to play field hockey in a camp atmosphere.” – K.G.

Work hard- Play Hard! That is my description of REAL Field Hockey camp. Players who want to get better, learn new skills, play field hockey at the next level…they leave feeling good about what they learn at this camp.If a child just wants to see if they like this sport of field hockey, they probably will.This is a fun camp!  Having the Lincoln Sudbury Field Hockey Players coach this camp makes it REAL!  Bringing the LS alumni (college players) is more than a bonus.  Most of them attended this camp when they were younger and know the importance of both learning and having fun. There is such great camaraderie built between players and coaches.  They compete as teams through scrimmages, dressing up for “team spirit”and composing songs or raps. Coach Vicky Caburian knows how to keep a good balance.” Simply one mother’s opinion,  – CRL

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